We are devastated to announce, that following a period of dire financial constraints, our charity is facing imminent closure.

Small Animal Referrals

With RCVS specialists supported by more than 140 staff we pride ourselves on offering outstanding levels of care

Our dedicated vets, nurses, scientists and support staff are committed to one goal – excellent health and welfare for all animals under our care.

As we have so many disciplines under one roof we are able to work collaboratively with our specialist colleagues to make sure that the patient has expert care from assessment, treatment and through to recovery whatever their condition.

We realise that having a sick animal can be distressing and we support our owners through every step of the process by combining information and compassion at each stage.

Research and Education

Through our education and training programmes we are proud to be developing and supporting the next generation of veterinary and scientific specialists and our development programs for interns and residents are outstanding.

In addition, our extensive CPD program covers the full range of disciplines for veterinary professionals.

Our specialists are significant contributors to the global research effort to prevent disease and sickness in animals with many scientific papers published each year. These contribute to the tremendous body of work published by the Animal Health Trust.

The Animal Health Trust Family

We are fortunate to be part of the Animal Health Trust who are a leading veterinary and scientific research charity with a global reach and our Referral Centre is uniquely placed to benefit from this research and put into practise new techniques, cures and treatments at the earliest opportunity.

The AHT are striving for a world in which no companion animal suffers from disease and injury, and we believe the best way to achieve this is through research.
For more than 75 years, the AHT has been making a significant difference for animals through research. The scientific research discovers cures and treatments that are effective, and what we learn we put into practice globally – from lab to clinic.

Our expertise in preventing disease, from providing specialist advice to developing new vaccines, ensures we are leading the way in stopping diseases and conditions from occurring in the first place.

Every penny of profit made from treating patients at Small Animal Referrals is re-invested into research to improve the health and wellbeing of animals.