We have offered Hydrotherapy at AHT Small Animal Referrals since 2005.
During this time, we have committed to training staff through an external training centre and mentored many to become successful and experienced hydrotherapists.

We are excited to announce that we have now been invited by our external training provider Hawksmoor to become an approved satellite training centre for them. One of only five across the UK.

This means we will be training hydrotherapists of the future in all the practical aspects of treating referred cases and in the day to day running of a Hydrotherapy centre. This will help to allow them to achieve their level three certificate in Hydrotherapy if completed successfully.

Hydrotherapy has become a well-recognised therapy in the treatment of many conditions ranging from acute, such as spinal and joint injuries, to the more chronic conditions such as arthritis.

It is a non-invasive type of therapy that can give real benefits to pets in physical discomfort, allowing them to become more agile and helping them back onto the road to recovery following surgery or a period of ill health that has prevented them from being able to exercise freely.

Our first student is due to arrive this month and it marks a new era in Hydrotherapy at AHT Small Animals Referrals. Reinforcing our mission statement of being an educational and teaching establishment.