Cost of treatment 

Although our basic charges are similar to primary veterinarians, the extra time, specialist tests/equipment and the number of people involved with each pet’s treatment add up to a significantly larger cost. The veterinary medical requirements for each patient vary widely, according to their problems. Please discuss the estimated cost of your pet’s medical treatment with the clinician in charge of the case when your pet is admitted.

You should be aware, however, that it is not possible for our vets to determine the exact cost of diagnosing and treating your pet’s problems. Since no two pets’ problems or responses are identical, the numbers and kinds of tests and treatments required can seldom be precisely predicted at the time of admission. If the cost of your pet’s treatment will exceed the original estimate, it is our policy to notify you as soon as possible.

Payment for uninsured pets:

  • Consultation fee to be paid in full following consultation.
  • If further investigation or treatment is required, payment of 50% of the estimated cost will be required immediately following consultation/prior to admission.
  • Clients will be asked to settle their account in full upon completion of any investigation/treatment. Please note additional invoices may follow when the final account is updated.
  • We appreciate that our clients’ financial circumstances vary, so we now work with Carefree Credit to offer clients a range of finance options to spread the cost of their pet’s treatment.

Clients are advised to contact our referrals team in advance of their appointment if they are likely to require this option.

For insured pets:

Indirect claims:  Where clients are insured, we can claim from their insurance company once payment has been received.  No administration fee is charged.

Please note:  Payment conditions for indirect claims are the same as for uninsured pets, as detailed above.

Direct claims:  In many cases we can claim direct from the insurance company for treatment.  A £20 administration fee is charged per claim.  In order for us to process a direct insurance claim, clients must forward a copy of their insurance policy schedule to us and contact their insurance company to give permission to discuss their policy with us (should we need to), in advance of their consultation.

Further information can be found in the Insurance Claims handout below.

Our preferred method of payment is credit/debit card.  We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Switch.


Download our insurance claims handout