Operating theatre suite
Operating theatre suite comprising 3 operating theatres, 1 prep room with 2 anaesthesia stations, sterile store room, autoclave etc.
Air handling system to supply a positive pressure ventilation cascade throughout the operating department.
Brandon Quasar eLite lighting with integrated Full HD camera system linked to a Medicapture system for intraoperative recording of still and video images.
Outstanding dedicated theatre nursing / technician team who are on call for out of hours surgeries.
Routine used of WHO-based surgical safety checklists.
Piped gases and active scavenging throughout.

Orthopaedic equipment
Synthes instrumentation, implants and Colibri power tools.
Imex external fixation system.
Biomedtrix total hip replacement system.
1.9, 2.4 and 2.7 arthroscopes supported by Aesculap CMOS Full HD camera system and Arthrex instrumentation, shavers and pumps.
Siemens Arcadis Orbic C-arm for intraoperative imaging

Neurosurgical equipment
Full complement of neurosurgical equipment

Soft tissue surgery equipment
Minimally invasive surgery supported by Aesculap CMOS Full HD camera system, light source and insufflation unit.
Aesculap 5mm, 10mm and parallel optic scopes for single incision surgery.
Extensive range of Aesculap instruments for both open and minimally invasive surgery.
Ethicon Gen11 Harmonic scalpel and vessel sealing device with handpieces for open and minimally invasive surgery.
Interventional radiology supported by Siemens Arcadis Orbic C-arm.
Full range of stapling devices for open and minimally invasive surgery.
Operating Telescope 30°, 9.5 Fr.,working length 14 cm.
Delta 15 laser and associated equipment for laser turbinectomy.

Imaging facilities and equipment
MRI suite with prep room, GE Signa 1.5T Echospeed MRI machine and MRI- compatible patient monitoring, Faraday cage for infusion pumps and syring drivers
CT room with GE Brivo 385 16 slice CT scanner
Ultrasound room, ultrasonographic equipment (all with multiple transducers):
• Philips IU-22,
• Philips HDI 5000 SonoCT
• Esaote MyLabOneVet; all with multiple transducers.
Radiography room, radiographic equipment:
• Sedecal SHF 310 X-ray machine.
• Siemens Siremobil C-arm image intensifier
• Siemens Arcadis Orbic C-arm image intensifier
• Agfa CR35 digital system. Five Visbion and three Mac workstations.
Hermes NUD Scintigraphy Unit available in the equine clinic

Oncology/radiation oncology facilities
Varian Clinac 23EX linear accelerator
High density radiation (brachytherapy) Varian GammaMed Plus IX
Strontium 90 plesiotherapy ophthalmic applicator
Dedicated chemotherapy room with Pharmagard negative pressure isolator
Other rooms:
Additional anaesthesia preparation room, 2 further procedure rooms
8 consulting rooms

Other services in the clinic
Dermatology (including bulla MRI scans and video-otoscopy)
Internal medicine (including radioactive iodine therapy for hyperthyroidism in cats, video-endoscopy)
Medical oncology (currently run by the internal medicine team)
Orthopaedic surgery (currently not running)
Radiation oncology staffed by a therapeutic radiographer, radiotherapy technician, and a dedicated radiotherapy nurse. Eclipse and Aria planning systems
Soft tissue surgery (with capability /equipment for minimally invasive surgery and interventional radiology)

Team of 10 anaesthetists including 3 diplomates

Diagnostic imaging
Team of 7 imagers including 1 diplomate

Team of around 45 registered veterinary nurses, student veterinary nurses, animal nursing assistants and ward assistants

Full time qualified veterinary physiotherapist
Hydrotherapy team, underwater treadmill and swimming pool on site

Team of 12 secretarial staff

Out of hours/ emergency support
Each service has at least 1 person on call out of hours (except Rehabilitation)
Wards staffed at night and weekend by a general intern, registered veterinary nurses, animal nursing assistants and ward assistants.
Theatre staffed by dedicated theatre team on a rota out of hours.
Clinic nurse available on Saturdays to assist with non-theatre procedures

Patient accommodation
Canine ward: 50 kennels (6 walk-in kennels for large dogs, 26 walk-in kennel for medium sized dogs, 18 kennels for small dogs)
Feline ward: 18 kennels (12 cat kennels, 4 large cat kennels, 2 radio-iodine cat kennels), 1 incubator (mobile)
Recovery ward: 3 large kennels, 4 medium kennels, 1 incubator (mobile)
Isolation ward: 1 cat and 1 dog kennel
24 hour nursing cover in wards with general intern present overnight. 35 infusion pumps and 16 syringe drivers (all BBraun with drug library)
Paper free wards management system (ipad based), also used for anaesthesia

Laboratory facilities
Full laboratory facilities are available on site.
In house laboratory includes:
• Microscope
• ABL90 Flex plus blood gas analysis and electrolyte machine, also measures glucose, lactate, urea, creatinine, haematocrit
• Hemocue machine (measures haematocrit)
• VetTest biochemistry analyser
• In house PT and APTT measurement

Blood products available
Canine and feline blood products from external blood banks kept in stock. We have a stock sharing agreement with a local practice.

Library on site, extensive on-line journal access.
Lecture theatre on site
Rural location, 40 minutes to Stansted airport, easy access to London, cafe on-site