Our Dermatology Unit offers complete assessment and management of all types of skin disease.

We work with you and your client to achieve the best possible patient outcome.

What we offer

  • Time, expertise and a dedicated approach to each individual patient
  • Short or long-term case management
  • Cytology, histopathology, bacteriology and haematology on-site
  • Allergy assessment including intradermal testing
  • Video otoscopy/ear flushing/myringotomy
  • Assessment and management of chronic ear disease, including ear infections with multi-resistant bacteria, e.g. Pseudomonas spp
  • High field MRI scanner on-site, cost-effective and accurate ‘bulla scan’ performed in selected cases of ear disease
  • Interdisciplinary case approach and management, e.g. with Internal Medicine or Surgery
  • Dermatology cases are often chronic and need long-term management, our aim is to achieve a comfortable patient on the right balance of medication
  • We aim to see all non-emergency cases within two weeks of referral and emergency cases are seen as soon as possible

Specialist equipment

  • Video otoscope
  • Intradermal skin allergy testing
  • In-house cytology with results instantly available
  • Barrier nursing facilities for in-patients and out-patients