Our Diagnostic Imaging Unit provides small animal radiography, fluoroscopy, ultrasonography, MRI and CT services to all of our primary disciplines.

All of these imaging modalities are available 24/7, with a radiologist on call at all times.

What we offer

  • Radiography: Our digital radiography system enables our clinicians to download and send digital images to referring vets with their reports. We are also able to view digital images sent to us for interpretation through this system
  • Fluoroscopy: For swallowing, airway and stent placement studies
  • Ultrasonography: Our ultrasound machines allow us to perform spectral, colour-flow and power Doppler as well as conventional 2D B-mode ultrasonography
  • MRI: Our MRI system was upgraded in 2018 and provides high resolution images, allowing us to identify many conditions which cannot be diagnosed using other techniques. Unlike some other centres, MRI scans and expert interpretation are available at all times out-of-hours. For example, patients with acute tetra- or paraplegia due to disc extrusions can be examined, scanned and operated on within a few hours of the onset of clinical signs
  • CT: Our CT scanner complements the MRI facility. Not only does this permit scanning of areas not suitable for MRI, such as the thorax and abdomen, but it also allows computer-aided radiotherapy planning

Specialist equipment

  • Agfa digital radiography system with multiple Visbion and Mac digial viewing stations
  • Siemens Siremobil – C-arm Fluoroscopy
  • 2 Phillips ultrasound machines
  • Portable ultrasound machine for kennel-side care
  • High-field GE 1.5T MRI system
  • GE 16 slice spiral CT scanners