The Radiation Oncology Team offers the latest technologies in this field changing the prognosis and hope for our patients.

What we offer

  • A Radiation Therapy Team with a Boarded Radiation Oncology Specialist, Physics Support, a Dosimetrist, a Therapeutic Radiographer and a Radiation Therapy Nurse
  • An integrated Oncology Department with a multidisciplinary team offering oncology consultation, advanced imaging, collaboration with Medical Oncologists, Soft Tissue Surgeons, Internists, Neurologists and our Pathology department
  • Research collaboration with the AHT Cancer Group which includes Pathology, Genetics, Immunology, Stem Cell Researchers and Clinicians. Together, we are combining our efforts to bring new therapies that are tailored to each individual cancer
  • Translational Research: Collaborative research with prestigious Human Cancer Institutions. Our small animal patients are benefiting from the most advanced technologies offered to human patients as we keep developing and sharing new practises
Our Radiation Oncology Team

Specialist equipment

  • State-of-the-art radiation technologies
  • External beam treatment
    • Linac Varian 23IX, photons, electrons, energy capacity
    • Fine resolution 120MLC to accurately target treatment
    • Image guidance allows precise patient positioning
    • Specific radiation immobilization devices (mask, grid, bite block) for enhanced set-up processes
    • Modern computerised treatment plan software (Eclipse, Brachyvision)
    • Integrated imaging department: MRI 1.5T; 16 slices CT
  • HDR: High Dose Rate Brachytherapy
    • HDR is a radiation technique allowing targeted delivery of radiation inside the tumour with minimal spread to the other critical structures
  • Plesiotherapy
    • We offer Strontium 90 applications for superficial tumours i.e. skin, eyelid, nasal planum tumours such as squamous cell carcinoma or mast cell tumours